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REVIEW: GOOD FARM BOX #4 (14.05.2020)

13.05.2020 + 14.05.2020



  • GOOD BANK Asian Herbs or Sprouts from our Vertical Farms
  • GOOD BANK Chinese Chili Dressing
  • GOOD BANK Roasted Peanut Crumble Spice and Topping Mix
  • Regional Swiss Chard
  • Regional Spring Onions
  • ‘Odd’ Carrots
  • German and/or Organic Strawberries
  • Organic Rice
  • Fresh Buffalo Ricotta from Paolella in Brandenburg
  • Artisan Rye-Bread

Vegan: without Fresh Ricotta

Omnivore: Like the Veggie one with additional Regional Liver Sausage with Organic Aronia Berries from Meat Bringer in Wildau (Brandenburger) or Pastrami (Beef)


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