REVIEW: GOOD FARM BOX #5 (21.05.2020)

20.05.2020 + 21.05.2020



  • GOOD BANK sprouts from our own cultivation
  • GOOD BANK Turmeric Ginger Dressing (our “mood booster”!)
  • GOOD BANK Za’atar inspired spice blend
  • GOOD BANK Cashew nut topping (oven-roasted cashews in Tahini and our Za’tar)
  • BEBI Cherry Tomatoes from Brandenburg 
  • Bitter Gourd from Berlin (an Asian, very rare vegetable specialty!)
  • Cucumbers from Brandenburg
  • May Turnips from Brandenburg and Germany (super seasonal, super fresh BUT also roastable)
  • Black Beans (Za’atar’s best friend)
  • Artisan Rye-Bread
  • Organic Eggs
  • Surprise ingredient to celebrate our 5th box: Pomegranate!

Vegan: without Organic Eggs 

Omnivore: Like Veggie but with additional Fresh sausage specialty (beef) from Brandenburg

Image of open box (feature image of blog post) was done by our GOOD FARM BOX subscriber @eatingberlin

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