• REVIEW: GOOD FARM BOX #8 (11.06.2020)

    Welcome to heaven! Our pink "The Cloud" dressing, fresh regional Berries, Chioggia beets, luxurious organic beluga lentils were some of the items we had to stuff in this uber-GOOD FARM BOX including your very own vegan Brammibal Donut from Berlin.
  • REVIEW: GOOD FARM BOX #7 (27.05.2020)

    Who said we are a salad place? This burger themed box with colorful buns from Berlin, amazing beef patties from Brandenburg, or the infamous Beyond Meat vegan patties was the twisted GOOD FARM BOX you didn't even know you needed!
  • REVIEW: GOOD FARM BOX #6 (27.05.2020)

    Mediterranean veggies and our superstar dressing, the new vegan "Hummus Tzatziki" met our crunchy and delicious homemade granola and an innovative milk alternative found their way in our GOOD FARM BOX #6.
  • REVIEW: GOOD FARM BOX #5 (21.05.2020)

    A bitter specialty from the far east grown in the heart of Berlin, a new GOOD BANK dressing with turmeric and ginger, fresh turnips, and pomegranate qualify this tasty box #5 almost as a mood-boosting medicine!
  • REVIEW: GOOD FARM BOX #4 (14.05.2020)

    Opposites are attracting in our box #4! Asian Recipes meet the first German Strawberries on Fresh Ricotta... 
  • REVIEW: GOOD FARM BOX #3 (07.05.2020)

    Giant Organic Portobello Mushrooms, Fresh Pasta, and our most beloved Dressing, the creamy Vegan Truffle, pushed the savory scents of Spring to the limit.
  • REVIEW: GOOD FARM BOX #2 (30.04.2020)

    With fresh rhubarb, a herb dressing, and a mozzarella specialty from Brandenburg, our box #2 was a harbinger of spring.
  • REVIEW: GOOD FARM BOX #1 (23.04.2020)

    Our first GOOD FARM BOX featured not only our homegrown greens but also regional 'odd' asparagus, Chioggia beets and some "smoky" goodies!